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Robot Arm Controller

Add Force Feedback to Your Robot Project

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The new Cortex Robot Arm Controller controls any 4 axis robot arm!  The controller is designed to simply and easily add force feedback to your robot project using Posi-Feel technology.  Designed for makers, the unit works stand alone with three adjustment potentiometers, bringing force feedback out of the laboratory and into your home.  For the skilled maker the Posi-Feel Robot Controller can be paired with an Arduino to unlock even more functionality.

The Posi-Feel Robot Controller uses Rovomotive Laboratories’ revolutionary Position Feedback Force Control to duplicate the effect of more traditional force feedback schemes.  Posi-Feel turns the state of the art on its head, using force sensors on the input device instead of on the robot.  The Posi-Feel Robot Controller using this Position Feedback Force Control arangment on one of the four degrees of freedom to achieve a sensation of force feedback to the operator.

Stand Alone Mode:

The Cortex Robot Arm Controller incorporates all the circuitry you need to get your force feedback robot up and running.  Four potentiometers, two force sensors, and one motor on your input device provide control to the robot and force feedback to the user.  Three servos, one potentiometer, and one motor provide feedback and position the robot.  The Posi-Feel Robot Controller provides up to 8 amps to the motors.  The Posi-Feel Robot Controller is easily adjusted to your unique robot with the use of three adjustment pots on the board.

Arduino Shield Mode: 

Use the Cortex Robot Arm Controller as an Arduino shield and it really comes alive.  The Arduino can read the position of all four command inputs as well as force applied by the user.  Through a variety of modes the Arduino can switch the Posi-Feel Robot Controller to open loop mode without force feedback, limit or stop motion of the robot, and even take total control of robot position and force.

Using only digitalWrite, anlogRead, and the servo.h library the possibilities are endless.  Your Arduino can detect the presence of the user and hold position when the robot is not in use.  Or perhaps you could program your Arduino to execute a set of motions based on an input.  With the ability to control the force your robot applies, with or without user input, the Posi-Feel Robot Controller opens up a level of delicacy and dexterity only available to top-of-the-line industrial machines.

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